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Getting to Know VEA Technologies

VEA Technologies is a collective of digital experts who are passionate about the clients they represent and the results we hope to achieve together. We have more than 60 years of combined experience in web development, design, branding, digital marketing, and consulting that we put to work to deliver an outstanding product for our clients. Our team has a diverse background with a wide range of industries, allowing us to work successfully alongside big companies and small businesses alike. This also allows us to provide a fresh perspective in many engagements that lead to new ideas and strategies.

Not all digital marketing agencies in Denver are built the same; VEA Technologies is different because our people are different. We are highly motivated, focused, and committed to your success as much as we are committed to our own. 

The “VEA” in VEA Technologies – What Makes Us Unique
VEA (pronounced vee-uh) means to be different yet not isolated — to be exquisitely unique and attractive to those that love something new.

We take the term “VEA” and put it into practice with every client, every day. When you connect with our company, you’ll find an agency experience unlike any you’ve encountered before. Our web design company is not a place to simply fulfill orders, but a place to express the characteristics that make your company amazing and unique.

Connect with a team that can help put those characteristics front and center on your website and branding.

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Our Thoughts on Strategic Web Design and Digital Marketing
We understand that a website or marketing campaign is a big investment. Done right, it can have a tremendous positive impact on your business’ bottom line. Choose the wrong partner though, and you will quickly realize your time and money were wasted on a website or campaign that does not perform well and does not convert visitors into customers. You need more than a website or ad campaign – you need a partner with a strategy to maximize the ROI of your website.

Our devoted web design, development, and marketing teams understand what it takes to give your site the leading edge over your competition and how to make sure your unique voice is at the center of your strategy.

Building Pivotal Client Relationships 
One of the most important priorities we have is building relationships with our clients. It is absolutely necessary to get to know you and your business, inside and out, so we can create your website accordingly. 

Your website needs to reflect your actual business. What is the goal of the site and what are your company’s goals? Your answers drive the strategy we implement, which apply to your website and beyond. Perhaps your online reviews need to become a priority to build trust or a monthly newsletter needs to be implemented to encourage repeat business. Depending on your industry, goals, and needs, we create a digital strategy with components that work seamlessly together to meet your expectations.

Learn More by Getting Started Today
Let us help you reach your goals. To meet the VEA team, contact our office today. We look forward to partnering together for your success.

Featured on the ProCO360 Podcast

Digital Marketing Through The Noise

"After two websites renovated through VEA, we are stoked small business owners! Took our homemade WP sites and put them through EXTREME MAKEOVER! Now our site matches our personalities! Jerid and the developers are in constant communication and great about working out all my requests.We get compliments about the site repeatedly."

Owner, DJ West

"Clint Macklin and the team at VEA are wonderful to work with! They are very professional, creative, and responsive. They really take the time to get to know each client and their business, and are extremely proficient in helping them achieve their goals. I highly recommend VEA Technologies, and I look forward to a long and productive relationship with them. In a nutshell, they are the BEST!"


CEO/Founder, Cheryl Ilov International

"VEA Technologies is a leader in website design, maintenance, capture, and exposure. They sat down with me and completely personalized my website while also optimizing it for web based searches. Their service was personal and not to mention affordable. I know many website owners who wish they had used someone else for design, I am NOT one of them!"


CEO/Founder, Jumbo Joe Mortgage