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Useful, beautiful content that both users and search engines will love.

The art of SEO includes building content (both on and outside of your site) and designing a website that appeals to users and search engines alike.

The good news is that search engines have come a long way in how they understand the information on your site. Gone are the days of keyword stuffing and only watching a small set of site metrics. SEO Experts know that organic search optimization is successful when you truly understand your audience, do the research to discover the information they’re interested in, and present your brand’s story in a way that is easy to consume on any device.
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Results that speak for themselves.

An SEO campaign that isn’t properly planned and handled can mean throwing money at a marketing effort in vain. Take a look at the case study below to see how achieved our client’s goal of “increasing sales” through search engine optimization.


Search Engine Optimization

Plan: SEO campaign with monthly content creation. The content focused on providing useful information for Turks and Caicos travelers. We also utilized a Google Adword campaign aimed at targeting U.S. based Google searchers looking to book vacations or excursions in Turks and Caicos. In addition we re-targeted site visitors with pre-roll YouTube advertisements to stay in front of potential customers.


  • SEO CheckIncreased Online Revenue by 55%Year Over Year
  • SEO CheckIncreased Site Visitors by 48% Year Over Year
  • SEO CheckIncreased Organic Traffic by 20% Year Over Year


Search Engine Optimization

Plan Utilize PPC ad campaigns that targeted customers looking for RV towing equipment, coupled with a retargeting campaign to stay in front of leads for 60 days. This is particularly important in this industry where the customer buying cycle can be longer. We also adjusted website content in order to rank better organically for targeted search terms used during the “information gathering” stage. We used our keyword research to write blog posts on important topics.


  • SEO CheckIncreased Online Revenue by 43%Year Over Year
  • SEO CheckIncreased Transactions by 15%Year Over Year
  • SEO CheckIncreased Order Value by 35%Year Over Year
  • SEO CheckIncreased Site Traffic by 33%Year Over Year

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Most companies offer a cookie-cutter or paint-by-numbers approach, but VEA doesn’t put your site into an SEO or content production line, so your results look like someone else’s. We take a look at your unique business, goals, and concerns so we can create a strategy that is most effective for you. Our team is experienced in working with businesses from all niches – from medical to commercial. We can help you find the angle that allows your business to stand out online.

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A well-rounded SEO campaign starts with thoroughly understanding your business, competitors, and potential opportunities for winning views, leads, and conversions. Our SEO and marketing teams thoroughly vet your website and current position in your market to determine where you excel and where you could use a little help. By getting to know you, we can create the best plan of action for future success.
Do you need logos, branding, site optimization, marketing, blog writing – all of the above? Our recommendations for improvement and growth are built into your needs and goals. If you’re interested in adding more content to your site with a blogging campaign, we ensure we create posts that will appeal to the questions users have about your product or service, so we can draw them into the marketing funnel. Each step of your marketing and branding strategy is executed with your goals in mind – whether that’s to achieve increased overall visibility or establish your name for a particular product or service.
You don’t have to wonder where you stand. Our team is committed to transparency and clear lines of communication. If you ever have a question about services or strategy, we welcome you to call and speak to one of our professionals. We are here to inform you of your progress and keep you updated on future plans. Trust VEA to serve as your right-hand for all things marketing and site design.

What is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a marketing buzzword you’ve likely heard often. While some business owners or marketers might tell you that you’re at the mercy of Google’s whims when it comes to getting the rankings you want, organic search optimization is more complicated and user-focused than that.

The art of SEO includes building content – both on and outside of your site – and designing a website that appeals to users and search engines alike. The good news is that search engines have come a long, long way in how they understand the information on your site; gone are the days of keyword stuffing and only paying attention to a small set of site metrics. Good SEOs know that organic search optimization is successful when you truly understand your audience, do your research to discover what information they’re interested in consuming, and present your brand’s story and message in a way that is easy to consume – regardless of device.

While Google does change the ways it reads and considers content and site information from time-to-time, the best ways to safeguard your site and web performance are to use tactics that make sense and build long-term trust with your audience. At VEA, we believe in holistic, white-hat search engine optimization for small businesses. We don’t cut corners or try to dupe Google into believing your site is something it’s not. Our goal is to create well-thought-out, designed and presented content and websites that both users and search engines will love to peruse.

Why You Need an Agency Solution for SEO

SEO, Agencies offer the best option for getting the care and attention you want from your website design and marketing partner. Agencies are smaller, by choice, and have a select clientele they choose to work with. With help from a dedicated, experienced team, your business gets the consideration you need to feel great about site strategy – from branding and design to marketing plans. Trust the success of your online performance to a partner that is readily available to meet your needs, answer your questions, and help you reap the benefits of an organized plan for site design and performance.

Krissy Ostermiller
“VEA Technologies goes above and beyond to make sure their clients are satisfied and able to run their businesses as efficiently and effectively as possible. They truly care about their clients and it shows! Thanks for building me an amazing website VEA!”

– Krissy Ostermiller, Founder

West Shirley
“After two websites renovated through VEA, we are stoked small business owners! Took our homemade WP sites and put them through EXTREME MAKEOVER! Now our site matches our personalities! Jerid and the developers are in constant communication and great about working out all my requests.We get compliments about the site repeatedly.”

– West Shirley, Owner, DJ West

Cheryl Ilov
“Clint Macklin and the team at VEA are wonderful to work with! They are very professional, creative, and responsive. They really take the time to get to know each client and their business, and are extremely proficient in helping them achieve their goals. I highly recommend VEA Technologies, and I look forward to a long and productive relationship with them. In a nutshell, they are the BEST!”

– Cheryl Ilov, CEO/Founder, Cheryl Ilov International

Joe Moore
“VEA Technologies is a leader in website design, maintenance, capture, and exposure. They sat down with me and completely personalized my website while also optimizing it for web based searches. Their service was personal and not to mention affordable. I know many website owners who wish they had used someone else for design, I am NOT one of them!”

– Joe Moore, CEO/Founder, Jumbo Joe Mortgage

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