Video is the perhaps the most compelling way to tell your brand and company’s story. VEA Technologies offers full-suite video production services in Denver, CO to help you tell a more interesting story about your brand and products.

Video Production

Video Production

Ready to start using video to grow your business? It all starts with pre-production planning and rolling the cameras. Working with our team will ensure you plan and produce an effective video for your ad goals.

Post Production

Post Production

Quality video editing can make or break its performance online. We provide award-winning editing capabilities at an affordable rate so we can ensure your video will crush when it runs in our campaigns.

Motion Animation

Motion Animation

From motion graphics that make your video more engaging to fully hand-drawn animation with character design, we can provide an array of motion animation options to tell your brand story any way you want.

Client-Assisted Videos

Client-Assisted Videos

Need help with your social content but enjoy creating your own videos? We can take your video content and make edits, add music, create motion graphics, and more to improve your overall online engagement.


What video content can do for you.

Your video content can translate to a variety of mediums, introductory videos, sizzle reels, highlights for social media, promotion via local commercials, or display ads on YouTube to increase leads and create lucrative new marketing channels.

  • Introduce your brand and products to new audiences
  • Create a more engaging brand story
  • Increase opportunities for conversion and web traffic
  • Create a sense of familiarity between your company and users that ncourages brand loyalty
  • Provides new content assets for additional cross-marketing
  • Drives impressions and audience for social media channels
  • Rounds-out your content marketing strategy and supports site or log content

If your website is your online business card, adding video content can make sure that you offer the best possible first impression when sharing your company info with new users and clients.

What video content can do for you.

Video production can encompass a range of assistance needed to shoot, edit, and finalize exciting new content about your business and products. If you don’t have an in-house media expert to create video for use in differing marketing channels, trust an experienced marketing team to provide polished, professional content. Video production services allow you to avoid buying the expensive video equipment and the overhead of having full-time staff to produce engaging video content.


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Manor Case Study


Manor Roofing & Restoration is a Columbia, MO-based roofing and exteriors company that had already established a strong foothold and brand in their local market before coming to VEA Technologies.


Do it right from the ground up

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Storyboard & Script

An engaging visual story starts with a good storyboard and script. We provide creative planning to suggest a handful of ideas and then storyboard one with visual and script ideas before ever scheduling production.


Once pre-production is completed, we schedule our shoot date and assemble the crew needed for your project. We can book locations and actors as needed to make your vision come to life and create a top-notch ad.

Post Production

After production, we manage the editing process and offer voice-over artist selection as well as music selections. Our team has 30+ national awards for our video production and editing, and we’d love to win another with your project.


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Creative endeavors require one-on-one attention from a dedicated marketing and design agency – a level of service you can’t expect at a larger client-mill. Many large marketing and design companies can’t offer video production at this level because it isn’t scale-able – there’s too much detailed and back-and-forth work with clients to offer this service at a large company where most services are provided on a deadline-specific assembly line across departments.

Working with VEA – a boutique digital marketing and video production agency – allows you to access all of the creative experience you need to enjoy the best return on investment for creating video content. When you work with an agency, you won’t get bounced from one department to another during the course of your video production project. Our small, dedicated, and experienced team is here for you from start to finish.

We're Ready To Chat With You and Your Team

Have a clear idea of what you need? Don’t know where to start? Somewhere in-between? We’ll meet you wherever you are in the process.


From scripting writing, to filming, adding in music and text, and editing content to ensure the finished project is exactly what you’re looking for – VEA Technology offers a full complement of services that help you fulfill your creative vision.

VEA Technologies takes your video production project from start to finish. Bring us your ideas about what you’d like to see and create with your video content and we can help you realize your goals.

We take the time-intensive and laborious task of creating, organ zing, writing, and filming video content off your hands. It takes a variety of creative professionals – from writers, to video specialists, and web experts – to see your video production to the finish. You don’t have to go looking all over town to source the right talent; VEA Technology provides all of the experience and tools you need for top-quality video content.


  • Story-boarding and concept creation
  • Script writing and editing
  • Filming with professional equipment
  • Editing for seamless integration
  • Addition of additional media and features
  • Formatting for use in a variety of marketing channels

Imagine how much more interesting, share-able, and entertaining your online presence would be with seamless video integrated into your website, social channels, and off-site marketing strategies.

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