Social Media Advertising

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Reach Your Audience With Effective Social Media

What is Facebook Advertising? 

As might be evidenced by the name, Facebook advertising involves placing paid ads on Facebook  – specifically in the news feed where users are most likely to see your brand’s marketing and message. Facebook’s platform allows for some interesting flexibility with paid advertising, from creating a custom ad to boosting a post on your business’ page, thereby improving the reach it was able to achieve otherwise. As a social media platform, Facebook is particularly good at honing-in on users’ interests, preferences, and businesses they’ve visited. With this information at your fingertips, you can target your ad based on age group, interests, location and more. Our team helps you understand your audience to create the most effective Facebook ads. Well-placed social media ads can increase your online audience, brand exposure, and site traffic, presenting your business to users who are most likely to convert. 

What is Instagram Advertising?

Instagram has a user base and following that is unique from other platforms and leans toward a young, twenty-something audience. Use Instagram advertisements to target this sought-after demographic and increase brand awareness. Users who don’t follow your profile or who may not be aware of your product or service can see what you offer and how your particular services may meet their needs. Increases in page followers translate to improved website traffic and conversions. As Instagram’s main medium is image and video content, you have the opportunity to create and post a compelling, visually appealing advertisement. Target potential customers with pinpoint accuracy through Instagram advertising. VEA can create beautiful, compelling Instagram ads that boost your visibility and brand loyalty.

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Why You Need an Agency for Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising takes a different kind of finesse than ads containing only copy and whose targeting may be limited. With paid savvy and precise social media posts, you can tap into a range of demographics and users that may be inaccessible to you through other mediums. This level of customization is only achievable with the help of a hands-on marketing agency who can dial-in your paid ads to resonate with their audience. Large companies may offer mass, templated postings or canned content, but this doesn’t tend to perform well on social media platforms; you need a marketing agency that serves as your partner in curating and publishing the type of content that your audience most wants to see.

What Makes us Different?

Social media platforms’ importance as a marketing channel is undeniable; there are simply too many people using these sites and too much data for targeting their interests to ignore the opportunities available with Facebook and Instagram advertisements. The problem most large companies face is finding a scalable way to deliver effective and personalized social media ads; organizations with hundreds of clients don’t have the time and resources to deliver highly individualized social media ad campaigns, and they often resort to using stock content to make their process easier to carry out for more than just a few accounts.

VEA is a marketing agency with a small and select group of clientele for whom we have the time, talent, and resources to create advertisements that are unique to their business and goals. We don’t cut corners, and we don’t provide you with content that has been recycled and reused for another client. Our approach is personalized to your audience, products, service, and marketing goals. We are well-versed in the science and art of social media advertising.

Our Approach to Facebook and Instagram Ads

Research – If you already have business profiles on Instagram and Facebook, we perform a thorough analysis of profile performance, focusing on posts that have received the most attention in the past and how many users are funneled to your website from social media campaigns. If you’re starting from a blank slate, we can determine competitors’ performance and create an advertising strategy that will work for your unique product or service. Understanding your audience and the types of content that capture their attention is the first step to developing a successful ad campaign on social media.

Building your Ad Strategy – VEA’s team of designers, developers, marketers, and copywriters put together a plan of action to meet your business’ goals – whether that’s directing more traffic to your website, getting attention for a special event, or promoting a new product or service. With a combination of professional graphic assets, copy components, and finely-tuned targeting, we can build a social media advertising strategy that makes sense for you. You pick how much of your resources you’d like to devote to paid advertisements and we can tailor a plan to meet your needs.

Monitoring and Optimization – Our dedicated team is here to ensure that your ads run successfully for their allotted time. Unattended ad campaigns are a problem for many marketing organizations, but our team is committed to your success. By analyzing the success of our paid marketing efforts on social media, we can recommend ways to further optimize future ad projects and reach users who have the highest likelihood of converting. VEA understands that social ads aren’t a push-button solution for marketing and that ad campaigns must be closely monitored and reviewed to create the best possible results.


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