Jerid Schumacher

Jerid Schumacher co-founded VEA Technologies with Clint Macklin in 2017 but has a ton of experience in the digital marketing space across many different industries. Jerid has a knack for digital strategy stemming from his time as a digital marketing consultant and was recently nominated for the Gen XYZ award from Colorado Business Magazine. He excels in helping our clients put together a true digital road map while making it all fit into their current and future goals.

Jerid has a history of entrepreneurship dating back to his first business when he was 16, a carpet cleaning business he started with his father. In college he continued his entrepreneurial ways and created a charity clothing company through the University of Iowa’s start-up incubator program. During that time Jerid won multiple awards and donated over 10,000 items of clothing to kids in need. While all of this was happening Jerid was also serving a 6 year stint with the 185th Air National Guard in Sioux City, IA (his hometown) where he served monthly.

Jerid moved to Colorado in 2014 and founded VEA Technologies shortly thereafter. Today Jerid oversees VEA’s digital marketing arm along with wearing many other hats. His passion is in helping businesses re-imagine their marketing strategies and has done so repeatedly for our clients.

When he is not tinkering with client’s digital strategies Jerid spends his time doing all of the cliche Colorado activities including snowboarding, fly fishing, hiking, and camping. Jerid also loves history, stand up comedy, philosophy, and his wife Mariah who he married in 2018 on a beach in Mexico.

Jerid’s favorite part of his job is the relationships he builds with clients and educating them on how they can use the data a digital marketing campaign creates to make real world business decisions.