How Ads Help Your SEO Campaign

How Ads Help Your SEO Campaign

Organic SEO can yield tremendous results. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also have a paid ad campaign. In fact, paid ads are a critical support to your SEO efforts.

Many clients come to us dead-set on an organic search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. We completely support this approach. Organic SEO can yield tremendous results. It can bring extensive business to your website at a very low cost, making it the best return on investment (ROI) for your advertising dollars in today’s market.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also have a paid ad campaign. In fact, paid ads are a critical support to your SEO efforts. Here’s how paid ads help SEO.

Immediately Build Traffic

SEO is effective, but it’s rarely fast. Depending on the market saturation for the keywords you’re targeting, it can take weeks, even months for your campaign to start bringing significant numbers of visitors to your website.
This isn’t just frustrating–it can be hard to weather. Your business needs paying clients to keep the lights on–and to keep funding your SEO efforts. With a paid ad campaign, we can essentially flip a switch and bring people in the virtual door. The ROI might not be as good as SEO over the long term, but at least there will be a return, which we can’t always say for the beginning of an SEO campaign.

Traffic Gets Google’s Attention

Google became the top search engine by reliably delivering quality results to searches. It doesn’t want to deliver your site as a result until it’s reasonably sure searchers will be happy with the result. Traffic is one indicator it uses to distinguish quality sites from dubious ones.
When your ads drive traffic to your website, it helps Google decide that your site is worthy of bumping up in the list of results.

Increased Brand Recognition and Branded Searches

Another factor that Google uses to decide whether your site should be ranked is whether there are any branded searches for your business. A branded search is when people search for your business by name. People won’t do that if they don’t know the name of your business.

Ads help put your business in front of people, improving brand recognition. Along with that, people will start searching for your business by name. And when they do, Google will notice.

More Quality Traffic

But perhaps the most important way that ads support your SEO is that it brings more qualified traffic to your website. What do we mean by this? Ads bring people who are specifically looking for the goods and services you offer.

How does this support your SEO? Well, another way Google ranks your site is based on how people act when they get to your site. If people immediately bounce from your site and go to a different site, Google starts to think your site is low quality and demotes it. If, on the other hand, people come to your site, read an article, click on several of your products, even skim your “About” page, then Google thinks your site satisfied that user. They’re more likely to send more users to the site in the future.

With organic SEO, you’re going to get a fair number of bounces, especially in the early days of a campaign. But ads bring in qualified traffic that is almost guaranteed to spend time on your site and show Google that you have a quality site it should deliver in search results. Over the long run, this helps your site’s ranking improve so that SEO efforts may make paid advertising unnecessary.

Let Us Design Your Best SEO Strategy

At VEA Technologies, we understand how to combine organic SEO and paid ad strategies, including social media advertising, to achieve success for clients in many different industries. We can help you understand how to start with a strong ad campaign that will taper off as your organic strategy becomes more successful.

To learn more about the best SEO strategy for your business, please contact us today for a consultation with VEA Technologies.