Case Study


After working with us for many years exclusively on web design and development, we began to implement SEO and Google Ad strategies to grow the business in 2022


When starting these campaigns, our objective was to quickly add new surgery leads utilizing paid advertising alongside incremental SEO growth through website edits, establishing new external backlinks, and local optimization of the business addresses and Maps listings. Gaining new leads was our primary goal, but we also set out to improve website performance and user experiences to drive better conversion rates and increase the value of ad budgets being spent.



For this project, we started out with SEO and PPC objectives. After launching a well-built Google Ads campaign, we continued to monitor and improve the ads account by adding and removing keywords, generating new ads, and adjusting bid strategies based on our insights. Over the first 6 months, we were able to generate a 35% reduction in cost per lead while also implementing tools to block bot traffic and malicious fake website visits. This led to a reduced cost per lead by 50% overall within the first year.

Additionally, we focused on SEO objectives and increasing ranking for more popular search terms related to surgery requests. By adding new website content and analyzing page visit events, we were able to increase organic traffic by 69% in 2022. This then translated to an increase of over 90 organic leads annually alongside the newly acquired lead volume from Google Ads.

Executing these changes month over month and working with our clients as partners allows us to drive continuous improvement of campaigns. We do not have a “set it and forget it” model and work on every single account every month to ensure continued improvements like we have seen here for MWBJC.


Google Search Ads


Pay Per Click


Brand Development


Website Design & Development


The campaigns managed for Midwest Bone and Joint Center are some notable examples of what can be accomplished with regular monthly SEO and PPC efforts. We have managed to gain over 200 additional surgery leads YOY with these adjustments despite advertising in fairly small markets with less than 250,000 people being targeted. This has allowed MWBJC to compete for business on a different level with local hospitals and other surgery centers in the area.

Reducing Cost Per Conversion with ongoing adjustments to the Google Ads campaigns allows MWBJC to now control the types of leads they receive. We can tailor our budget around the shoulder, knee, or hip surgeries and more. This additional control has made it easier for the business to make decisions on expanding or in some cases eliminating surgery centers based on the data and performance of campaigns. Having a professional team monitor and analyze what is happening for your business online can bring new insights to light that have a major influence on operational decisions.

We feel we are just scratching the surface of what we could do for MWBJC and are excited to partner with new surgery centers in other markets in the future


Increase in Annual Lead Volume


Reduced Cost Per Conversion Over 6 Months


Over additional Surgery Opportunities Annually

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