Case Study


Manor Roofing & Restoration is a Columbia, MO-based roofing and exteriors company that had already established a strong foothold and brand in their local market before coming to VEA Technologies.


When starting this project, our goals were simple, but we quickly discovered this was a unique company to partner with, and there were many new opportunities. Historically, Manor Roofing & Restoration has offered roofing services in their markets for over 15 years. In the last few years, they have expanded their business and created new departments to offer the full range of exterior services for windows & doors, siding, gutters, decks, and screened-in porches. Initially, their local market was unaware of these new offerings. The company was ready to expand with a larger sales team but needed a reliable strategy to guarantee lead volume for the expanded sales efforts.

The previous marketing partner was already conducting SEO, Email Marketing, and Google Ads campaigns. Our initial goal was to gain better performance in these areas ASAP. This quickly exposed an opportunity to update the brand to better fit the new service areas alongside a new website for better conversion rates and performance of our campaigns.

After utilizing the full range of our services, Manor has been able to achieve and exceed their goals.



When starting our campaigns, the initial plan was to improve what was already happening before jumping into new marketing objectives. We quickly gained 30% better results with the same Ad Spend, which allowed for some slight budget increases based on the predictability of lead cost. We immediately started SEO and content strategies, generating specific blog content to target better local rankings against competitors. Once we had garnered enough new traffic to justify more complex retargeting, we implemented digital display and video marketing. This included the ability to retarget search visitors 9+ times to increase return visits and conversion rates. We then moved on to produce new video content to showcase their new service areas. After developing an updated brand that was more fitting for 2023 and their range of services beyond roofing, we built a new website. The updated website was designed and developed based on our User Experience information to improve conversion and customer experience. After this, we implemented a 3 part email follow-up campaign for all website form completions. Their project involves VEA Technologies services including Google Search Ads, Pay Per Click, Brand Development, and Website Design & Development.


Google Search Ads


Pay Per Click


Brand Development


Website Design & Development


The combination of all these various marketing tools gave us the ability to strategically grow lead volume in various service areas based on the needs of the company. New landing pages paired with video content and display ads quickly informed local customers of the expanded offerings. This brought growth to the new divisions with more deck, window & door, and siding opportunities and opened up new lines of business. Our PPC Ads continued to improve and ultimately performed 50% better than the previous firm’s efforts after 1 year of adjustments which means Manor gets more value out of their campaigns for every dollar spent as we continue to scale the traffic.

An updated representation of the brand and brand story partnered with a myriad of retargeting and Top Of Funnel marketing efforts enabled Manor to expand and hire new team members and set clearer goals for growth moving forward with the business. All of this is backed by the security that we can increase or decrease lead volume for any area of the business as needed moving forward.


Increase in Website Traffic YOY


Increased Lead Volume YOY


Decrease in Cost Per Acquisition YOY

Screenshot 2023-10-17 at 10.59.46 PM

"VEA is on top of its game when it comes to our account. We have an account manager who keeps track of everything in regard to our account and then teams for each scope of our project. Having a dedicated team for each scope of work is an incredible asset. Each team can concentrate on the specific parts of our project and deliver the results we are looking for."

LeeAnn Cravens - General Manager