Novo Legal is an immigration-focused law firm headquartered in Denver, CO, that VEA Technologies worked with for over three years.


The initial goal for this campaign was simple – get more leads. From the start, we researched the competitive landscape to better understand the market potential. We then lead with Search Engine Optimization and Google Search Ads as the primary focus. From there, our team created a new website, began monthly blog writing, social media management and advertising, display advertising, and programmatic retargeting.



When reviewing the competition, we determined that there was a significant opportunity to optimize the existing Google Search campaigns. We were able to drive Cost Per Conversion from $72 down to $40 in the first year of managing the campaigns. This effectively made the ad spend budget 2x as efficient and created an excellent opportunity for retargeting via Facebook and Instagram advertisements. We additionally focused on generating useful, educational content with topics like “How much should an immigration attorney cost?” to drive more relevant search traffic to the website and increase ranking in local map packs on Google searches for immigration attorneys.

From there, we expanded our efforts and replaced the existing website so we could further optimize conversion rates with better messaging and layouts and a faster site load time. We began focusing more on brand awareness and increasing our frequency of placements in front of existing leads from website retargeting. We also began additional advertising across social media platforms and display placements using programmatic retargeting.

We added Google Translate to the website to create a Spanish directory to take it one step further and cater to a broader audience. We ran ads in Spanish throughout the Denver and Seattle areas to better connect with the audience vs. running ads only in English.

Their project involves VEA Technologies services including Google Display Ads, Google Search Ads, SEO Services, and Facebook Advertising.


Google Search Ads


SEO Services


Google Display Ads


Facebook Advertising



VP of strategy Adam Weber walks you through the digital strategy and the results for Novo Legal.


By 2021 we had driven lead cost down to $12 while greatly expanding the marketing budget based on revenue volume from increased leads. We were able to get over 1,700 leads between January and July of 2022 in comparison to only 130 in 2019 before we took over management of the campaigns. The client’s law firm has grown to 24 employees and is now operating a second office in Seattle, WA.


Increase in web leads YOY


Reduction in Cost Per Lead YOY


Increase in organic traffic YOY

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