Case Study


Boomerang Capital is a real estate finance company focused on lending and equity investment opportunities with strong growth potential and stable returns.


Boomerang came to us knowing they needed an updated site that was easy to navigate and properly represented the different types of services and financing options they offered. We needed to create a flow that allowed users to quickly find what they were looking for and the ability to easily contact the Boomerang team.



When it comes to brochure websites you have a few options but picking the right platform is critical to the success of your website and your business. Given that Boomerang is an established brand who wanted a custom touch to their website we recommended utilizing WordPress. Not only is WordPress the most utilized platform in the world, but it also allows you to be very flexible. You will never be handcuffed to your web designer or agency if you build in WordPress as there are endless resources out there who can help with your site.

While the design is very important on any website, one of the most overlooked items is the user experience. Is the site easy to navigate? Are important services easy to find? Does it take 4 clicks for the user to get where they need to go? Can we make it less? These are all questions an experienced design team will want to address when putting together the design. Since Boomerang’s offerings are wide, we needed to utilize icons throughout the site so make things easier for users to follow. The continuity makes the experience for the user simpler and efficient. As a result, more users are now turning into actual leads.


Website Design


Website Development


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“We have been thrilled with our results. Online sales have quadrupled and the VEA team has been great at communicating since we started working with them ”

Ron Merchant Owner MAD Ramps