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PPC & Display Advertising

Driving paid traffic to your website that will actually convert. PPC and Display Advertising campaigns are what we do best.

Digital Advertising With A Return

What is PPC?

PPC, or pay-per-click, is represented by the ads you see at the top of a search results page. You may have scrolled past them before, or you may frequently click on them, but they are always at the top of results – and sometimes at the bottom or in results on the map. If you typed a Google search for “best pizza restaurant near me,” you’d likely see three (or more) advertisements on top of the organic search results, each marked with a small box labeled “ad.”

Also sometimes referred to as Google Ads (formerly Adwords – the tool used to manage your paid search advertisements), PPC is an excellent complement to organic search efforts and is specifically designed to let you cherry-pick the location, time, and terms used to target your ads to potential viewers. You pay only when someone clicks on your ad. A well-executed PPC plan allows you to put your name, brand, and message out to a specific audience – who may not otherwise be aware of your product or services – in an area of excellent visibility.

What are Display Ads?

Display advertisements may be more familiar to internet users than other types of paid advertising – these are the banners you see on news websites, blogs, and Youtube (among many others); just about all sites on the internet feature some sort of banner advertisements. Display ads are designed to work with PPC, so your banners are placed on sites that are most relevant to a user’s search queries. When a user clicks on a site displayed in search results for their query, your advertisement can be placed on that site itself.

Display ads with clear messaging and a powerful call-to-action can be an effective way to promote brand awareness and loyalty. As with paid search results ads, we can customize your display ads to target certain geographic areas and times of the day.

Why You need an Agency for Paid Search Services

A PPC or display ad campaign that isn’t properly planned and handled can mean throwing money at a marketing effort in vain. Lackadaisical implementation of paid search campaigns at large companies can mean your ads aren’t shown at all due to a clerical oversight or your ads aren’t being presented to the right audience. Agencies offer the best possible services for creating, implementing, and monitoring your paid ad campaign.  We understand that your paid marketing efforts require care and attention, instead of push-button implementation and infrequent check-ins. VEA doesn’t lose sight of your campaign’s progress in a sea of others; we are committed to paying detailed attention to a small pool of clients, so we ensure no issues go overlooked and ads are successfully executed according to the agreed-upon strategy.

What Makes us Different than other PPC Agencies?

Most PPC agencies and large marketing corporations apply a templated approach to paid advertising strategies; clients are put through an assembly line and ads are launched without much attention to frequently-overlooked components of search advertising – simply because they don’t have the time or resources. In these cases, ad performance is often overlooked, ads may not be running at all, or ads may be receiving a low quality-score and underperforming. VEA takes a complete view of your marketing needs and builds a robust advertising plan that includes a highly effective landing page, targeted KW strategy (including negative keywords and match types), and quality score – among many other factors that affect the success of your strategy. 

Our Approach to PPC and Display Ads

Determining your Ad Spend – Some companies are ready to launch a full-scope and comprehensive ad campaign to promote a new brand or service, while others want to take a conservative approach to see what results are possible with paid search results ads or banner ads. VEA can help you determine the right strategy, depending on what spend you’re comfortable with and what kind of visibility you’d like to achieve. Our marketing team can create a pitch-perfect message and campaign for your brand, increasing views, impressions, and conversions.

Implementation of PPC and Display Ads – Your campaign is launched with your goals in mind and customized based on highly-searched keywords. We create a search ad and display ad campaign that reaches the right audience and in targeted areas. Our copywriting and marketing teams are responsible for creating compelling ad copy and landing pages that promote conversions. VEA is your trustworthy source for full-scope paid search and display ads that work the way you need them to.

On-going Monitoring, Adjustment, and Optimization – We keep a close eye on your campaign’s success and performance. If you’ve tried to run your PPC or display ad accounts yourself, you understand how much of an undertaking this can be. Rely on our professional team to closely monitor your ads and ensure that all components of the campaign are working as designed. With close attention to detail, we can make adjustments as needed to avoid wasting valuable marketing resources and to improve conversions, clicks, and leads. 


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