Importance of Video SEO & Advertising

Importance of Video SEO & Advertising

You’ve got your website content optimized. You have a regular schedule of blogging and other methods for adding content to your website. You have a good social media campaign driving traffic and backlinks to your website. As a result, you might think your SEO strategy is complete, but you’d be wrong. Something is missing.

Unless you’re doing video SEO and advertising, you’re missing essential opportunities to put your content in front of potential customers. Here’s why video SEO and advertising matters, as well as some basic tips for starting your video production and optimization procedure.

People Use Video to Find New Products

Video has become the number one category of Internet traffic. People spend an average of nearly one hour per day watching videos online. Most of that time is spent watching movies, TV, or sports, but a significant portion of the video consumption is related to buying products. In fact, Wyzowl research shows that84% of people say they’ve been convinced to buy a product by a video.And that number is likely to grow. Google reports that the time people spent watching shopping-related videos grew by 5X over the past two years, and this shows no sign of slowing down. While people mostly watch programming on YouTube that they might be able to access elsewhere, the platform still reaches more 18-49-year olds in an average week than all cable networks combined, according to Google. You might worry that advertising on video isn’t going to position you in your customers’ minds, but80% of consumers can recall a video ad they watched in the last 30 days.

Video Is a Profitable Way to Advertise

Video advertising can be profitable, but it doesn’t do everything equally well. According to the Wyzowl research, 78% of marketers say that video has directly helped to increase sales. That’s pretty good, but it might not be the slam-dunk you’re looking for in marketing. But while video doesn’t always drive sales, it can do other things. For example, 86% of marketers said videos increased time spent on their site, and a whopping 94% of marketers said video increased customer understanding of their product. This means that, even if it doesn’t directly generate sales, video likely drives improved profitability long-term. So it’s not a surprise that 91% of marketers say that video has a positive return on investment.

When to Create Your Own Video

However, it’s important to make good strategic decisions about how to apply video in your marketing. You can exploit the popularity and marketing potential of video either by making your own videos or by advertising on videos made by other people.

    • You want to make your own video when:
    • Your product will benefit from explanation
    • Your product can tie into DIY and other popular video content
    • You want to improve brand identification

In these cases, creating your own video content will be of tremendous help in improving your results. Otherwise, advertising on popular videos is probably a more economical and profitable approach.

Videos Need Optimization

Like other forms of content, it’s not enough to simply make a video and put it on your website. You need to employ search engine optimization techniques to ensure your video will get traffic by showing up on search engines. This means, first and foremost, that you have to create quality video. Use good production values and give in-demand content that is both unique and engaging. This includes making sure your audio quality is also good. Make sure you’re employing good text to help the search engines find your video. This means using proper titles, tags, and descriptions. To get the most out of your quality content, include a transcript of the video on your website. This lets Google understand the content of your video so it can direct viewers to it. Don’t expect a video to perform without help. You need to promote your video to help it catch on. This includes promoting it on your website and using social media to bring in viewers. You can also consider advertising to kickstart your viewership. Finally, it’s important to monitor the performance of videos and tweak them as necessary to improve performance going forward. ng unnecessary.

Ready to Add Video to Your Campaigns?

If you’re thinking that your ad campaigns could benefit either from video creation and optimization or advertising, we can help. Please request a quote from VEA Technologies today to learn more.