Case Study


WordPress and WooCommerce Website Build

An 80-Year Legacy: Merchants Commercial Office Furniture opened its doors for the first time over 80 years ago. What began as a small family-run store has evolved into a nationally recognized furniture dealership with a reputation as long as its history. Merchants recognized their need for a modern website that would allow them to continue to grow their business and meets the needs of their ever growing customer base.


WordPress Design and Development

Every business has unique needs and expectations of their website. For Merchants, they needed a custom built website that focused on QuickBooks integration, flexible shipping and heavy design customization for their product pages. Their shipping method needed to allow for both local pickup, as well as individual product delivery. Our developers were able to customize the shipping methods in WooCommerce to accommodate this unique situation.

Their website project with VEA Technologies included added accounting capabilities to their website by utilizing WooCommerce and QuickBooks integrations within the WordPress Website Design.


Website Design


Website Development

Cookie Cutters Just Don’t Cut It

When you have a client like Merchants that has some very unique needs in order for their website to stand out amongst their competitors, you can’t just pull some pre-built template off the shelf. Features like the Project Builder and Company Timeline found in the Our Story section of the site require thought, planning and collaboration between our designers and developers. This is why we appreciate clients like Merchants so much. They expressed their needs and pain points to us, then allowed us to do our jobs. They trusted us when it came to creating a “content flow” and user experience that would ultimately lead their prospects to contact them for their furniture needs.

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"I can’t recommend these guys enough. Very professional and always on top of things. Since working with them, we’ve seen an enormous increase in site traffic and page rankings. We also use them for digital advertising and would highly suggest them to anyone.”

Lloyd Lee - General Manager