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WordPress Design and Development

Magna legal services has been providing a wide array of technical legal case support services and is a leader in the space with a variety of patented services technologies that give legal teams the edge they need to win in court. They can support your needs from the beginning to the end of the legal lifecycle and have helped attorneys nationwide win their cases with a high level of technical support.


Choosing the Right Platform

Recognizing the importance of a strong online presence in today’s digital age, Magna Legal partnered with VEA Technologies to revamp their website and enhance their digital footprint. Leveraging VEA’s expertise in website design and development, Magna Legal sought to create a user-friendly and informative platform that would effectively showcase their services and expertise to potential clients.

VEA Technologies collaborated closely with Magna Legal to understand their unique requirements and objectives. Drawing upon their extensive experience in website design, VEA crafted a modern and visually appealing website that not only reflected Magna Legal’s professionalism but also conveyed their commitment to innovation and excellence in the legal field.

Their project involved VEA Technologies services in WordPress Website Design & Development.


Website Design


Website Development

Website Design and User Experience

The impact of VEA Technologies’ website design was significant for Magna Legal. The updated website not only enhanced their online visibility but also positioned them as a leader in their industry. The modern and user-friendly interface attracted new clients and helped to strengthen existing relationships, driving business growth and solidifying Magna Legal’s reputation as a trusted partner for legal support services.


"I can’t recommend these guys enough. Very professional and always on top of things. Since working with them, we’ve seen an enormous increase in site traffic and page rankings. We also use them for digital advertising and would highly suggest them to anyone.”

Lloyd Lee - General Manager