S&M Moving Systems Case Study

S&M Moving Systems is a national moving services company with brick-and-mortar locations in Arizona, California, and Oregon. They came to us without a focus on digital marketing and wanted to explore the possibilities. After evaluating their market opportunities, we saw great possibilities for success. We began with an approachable budget to test the waters before scaling their goals and objectives based on our initial performance and results.



For this campaign and project, the goal was simple – grow the business by generating more qualified traffic. We started out by beginning a new website project alongside building the initial Search Engine Optimization and paid Google Ads campaigns. Writing a publishing strategic blog content and starting the ad campaigns allowed us to generate some immediate success to support the costs of the new marketing objectives. When the new site went live, we saw an immediate increase in conversion by over 30% which added immediate value to the existing ad spend budget. We began social media retargeting ads to tighten the marketing funnel and eventually expanded into email marketing and programmatic media buying objectives to stay in front of our existing leads with a higher frequency. This helped maintain top-of-mind awareness and brought our overall cost per conversion down as a whole.


Over 13,000 new Organic Traffic Visits in 2021 & 2022
33% increase in overall website traffic
Increase of over 1000 new leads per year on average

25% lower cost per lead than the industry average



When reviewing market competitors, we determined that a large portion of the industry was relying on paid lead providers and shared lead platforms that were receiving info about people in need of moving services. These were cold leads and we wanted to go after “owned leads” vs. “shared leads” meaning only S&M Moving has the info direct from the potential client. This increased the close rate of leads significantly and exposed that a lot of market competitors were ignoring digital advertising or running poorly structured campaigns. Scaling our ad campaigns in both Pheonix and California gave us market insights for inbound and outbound moving traffic, which helped drive our blog strategy to create valuable content to inform potential movers of tips and tricks they should be aware of. We built location directories on the website with location-specific landing pages for primary service areas that helped with local organic ranking. Focusing on local directory optimization increased Search Engine Visibility on mobile searches by over 40%, which directly increased organic traffic over time.


Continued efforts on the campaigns have reduced the ongoing cost of lead acquisition and have given the company controls they can manage to influence lead volume across their various locations. If the moving teams are fully booked, we can pull back from ad spending in a given market or increase spending to make sure they are booked during slow times of the year. This has led to expanding S&M Moving’s team and hiring new drivers to extend their fleet to support the increase in moving requests. We have added over 1000 additional leads per year, with over 800 of those leads being generated from Google Ads. Moving services is a saturated industry, with large companies generating and distributing a majority of leads through large partnerships with global transportation lines and logistics organizations. It is rewarding for our team to help a small business take control of its growth and rely on its own lead generation rather than the industry norm of competing for shared leads with many other vendors in a bidding war. This provides strategic ownership for the client in terms of how they will grow their organization next rather than responding to industry standards and following their competitors.

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