CW Suter Case Study

CW Suter is Sioux City-based HVAC company servicing residential and commercial heating and cooling needs as well as their plumbing division. With a strong existing local reputation and over 100 employees, they came to us looking to expand their digital efforts and see if there was more market share to be gained within their target audiences. We were able to reach untapped market potential and significantly increase lead volume for both sides of the business while beating industry standards with a 90% lower cost per lead than industry averages.



The goal for our campaigns initially was to grow lead volume across the business, but over time it became clear that it was also important to maintain residential lead volume increases with a primary objective of scaling the commercial sector for the business. Utilizing Search Engine Optimization, Paid Per Click ads on Google and social media, and programmatic retargeting placements, we were able to have a high frequency of impressions per lead generated and increase our conversion rate while decreasing our cost per lead. We strategically targeted more business clientele to increase subscriptions to CW Suter’s maintenance packages which are a highly profitable portion of their business.


Beat industry standard cost per lead by 90% at $27/Lead
Generated 388 leads from ads in 2022
70% increase in organic website traffic

Increased Commercial lead volume by over 130 leads



When launching campaigns, our initial goal is always to race to profitability, so we aren’t wasting a client’s budget. We launched with a heavy focus on residential maintenance agreements and were able to quickly generate an increase of 40 leads per month from Google Ads. We provided a content strategy for the internal marketing team to manage alongside our onsite and offsite SEO efforts. With 26 top-performing keywords in the top 3 rankings locally, we have increased organic traffic by over 2500 visitors annually. Through Social Media efforts and programmatic media buying, we were able to run seasonal campaigns that created local buzz and even ran an “ugly furnace competition” for a lucky contestant to win a new furnace. Google Ads allows us to adjust the budget towards commercial or residential objectives and shift with seasonal adjustments from heating to cooling-related search terms. Continued SEO performance has now led to a redesign of the website to bring more focus to the content strategy that is garnering more organic traffic.



Using the range of our services to grow leads and site traffic, we have been able to beat industry standards for lead cost by 90%, with an average cost per lead of $27 across both residential and commercial leads. Generating nearly 400 new leads annually has led to company growth and the need for more vehicles and service members. Improving controls with digital efforts has allowed the company to reduce traditional marketing spending across radio and TV without concern for lost revenue. With plans for a new website and future video projects, we expect to continue to increase lead volume moving forward and support CW Suter’s existing position as the top HVAC company in their area. Continuing their digital efforts will make it even harder for competitors to take any market share from them as they scale their content and marketing strategy moving forward.

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