Marketing Director

Wyatt Mathis

Wyatt is a well rounded member of our SEO team that is a team player and always ready to help when needed! Wyatt has experience in technical SEO, WordPress website management, SEO strategy, and User Interface / User Experience changes.

Based out of our Denver, CO office, Wyatt enjoys hiking, cycling, rock climbing, and a tall glass of a full bodied red wine. He won’t admit to you that he is creative, but he explores photography and has an eclectic taste for music outside of his creativity with keywords and SEO strategy.

Wyatt joined the digital marketing world after experiencing a lot of different work environments as a chef, salesman, construction worker, and many more! Through his experiences, he saw a lot of ways companies could be improved with digital advertising and SEO by making their sales process more efficient or yield better results.

As the manager of our Search Engine Marketing Team, Wyatt now gets to apply that vision across over 40 businesses and guide our team of SEO coordinators in helping businesses grow sustainably and efficiently – most importantly – in the way that they want to grow.