digital project manager

Tess Buckley

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Tess Buckley is our digital project manager. With experience in project, event, and operations management, she works directly with clients to ensure deliverables fall within the applicable scope and budget. She is a very organized and detail-oriented manager, effectively prioritizing and delegating tasks with other departments to ensure timely project completion. As a creative business professional, she has a passion for helping people. She started a career in photography while finishing up her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and a minor in Mass Communications. Having friends who were outstanding athletes, but didn’t know how to market and promote themselves, empowered her to liaise between athletes and sponsors, which sparked her love of project management. She got her university studies paid for by scoring in the 97 percentile on a visual aptitude test, which allows her to look at projects and break them down from start to finish, like putting a puzzle together.
On top of working in the States, she has over three years of international work experience in Munich, Germany, focusing on event/project management and business development. She collaborated and worked with Red Bull, GoPro, and IBM, which allowed her to work with many people from different countries, leading to a great understanding of cultural sensitivities. She loves to travel and explore new places and cultures when she is not working. After visiting 13 different countries, her favorite experience was watching a Greek-man free-dive for octopus while snorkeling. Coming up to the surface, speaking Greek, he placed this baby octopus in her hand and then swam back down. In shock, she was treading water in disbelief. She was holding a tiny octopus. Realizing the octopus wasn’t letting go or swimming off, she decided to swim back to shore to show her friend slowly and hope to take a picture with it. Finally, she was able to get a picture. It seemed content until she tried to let her friend hold it so that they could get a shot too. The little octopus bit her and then swam away. “Making memories of a lifetime is what living is all about!”