Tara Weber

Tara grew up in a small mid-Missouri town with a population of less than 300. About 278 people, to be more accurate. The older she got, the more she craved adventure and life experiences outside of the sleepy farm town to fuel her curiosity and artistic spirit. Tara would eventually pack up and move out West to the Mile High City of Denver, where she currently resides. Once here, she found the opportunity to channel her creativity through writing and realized it was the way she wanted to make a living…and she was quite good at it.

Tara writes various types of copy for VEA Technologies, including blog articles, website copy, and more. Helping businesses tell their story through high-performing copy is something she takes much pride in. As an empath by nature, Tara has the ability to take on the voice of whatever client she is writing for and create content that feels authentic to their brand. She gets excellent results writing for law firms, roofing companies, event venues, towing companies, travel-related businesses, and more. Is there anything she can’t write about?

When Tara isn’t typing away at her computer, you can find her playing saxophone, bass guitar, or singing with her husband Adam in their latest musical project. She also loves spending time outside hiking, skiing, or playing with her dogs Ringo and Ravi.