Creative Director

Garrette Daugherty

Garrette is a visual content strategist with a passion for typography, illustration, grids, and other savory bits of graphic design. Garrette strives to support businesses by combining design and marketing ideas to create well-formulated design solutions. His love for art and design developed during his high school fine art and digital media classes. Since then, he has prided himself on staying current with the ever-changing landscape of marketing and design.

Garrette enjoys creating meaningful materials and marketing strategies that help companies grow, which he finds extremely rewarding. While he may not have a trophy to prove it, many of his peers and coworkers have called him the “All Things Adobe Guru.” When it comes to knowing a piece of software in and out, he feels like becoming an expert is the only way. He is not proud to say it, but he has notifications turned on for five Adobe products on Twitter and Instagram (obsessed much..?)

When Garrette is not creating for clients, you can catch him out on the soccer field coaching or playing the world’s greatest sport or at home watching movies with his wife Katherine and son Zeke. If sports and family aren’t occupying his time, you can find him gaming or drawing in his home office.