The Radiator Case Study

Artisan Coffee & Cocktails

Local Brews & Bites

The Radiator sells coffee, bagels, ice cream, beer, and cocktails at its Denver, CO location. Radiator welcomes customers of all types and ages and strives to provide a unique experience for each guest.

WordPress Design and Development

The Radiator came to VEA Technologies seeking an easy-to-use site that shared its menu, location, and story with new and returning customers. It was equally important that the Radiator team could simply manage the site to share store updates, post new pictures, and add to the menu. VEA chose to build the site through WordPress as it provides the Radiator administrators with a straightforward content management system that is built to last for years to come.

Unique Branding and Effortless User Experience

Given its brick-and-mortar establishment in Denver, it was important to The Radiator that their new website reflect the unique brand they’ve created. A color scheme of white, beige, brown, and black pairs well with their product offering, so the site was meticulously designed with a consistent theme in mind. The page’s font choices pair well with The Radiator’s logo and brand style. The imagery and iconography tells a consistent story of each customer sharing a happy and carefree experience while visiting The Radiator.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, VEA stuck with what it does best – providing a simple website user experience while telling a brand’s story. The Radiator team was a pleasure to work with and helped collaborate to deliver a new site that all are proud of. VEA is eager to watch The Radiator establish its presence in Denver while continuing to work together to build its online presence.

Ron Merchant in a blue teeshirt

“We have been thrilled with our results. Online sales have quadrupled and the VEA team has been great at communicating since we started working with them ”

Ron Merchant Owner MAD Ramps


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