Splintered Forest Case Study



Added Leads from Google Ads in 2022


increase in website traffic


increase in Organic traffic within 6 months


increase in traffic to focus area of Fire Mitigation


High-Value keywords with top 10 ranking State Wide

Splintered Forest is a Colorado-based tree removal and fire mitigation service company that we started working with in 2022. Splintered Forest came to us feeling like they needed something more than what their current firm was offering for digital strategies. We started with a full analysis and review of their competition and current marketing activities. Since taking over the digital marketing efforts, they have experienced over 250% growth in lead volume.


Splintered Forest had grown in 2021 and expanded their team, which created a higher demand for consistent leads.

The goal for these campaigns was split into two focuses. Our primary goal was to grow the reputation and lead volume for standard tree removal and related arborist services. We identified a large market opportunity in the Denver area with a lack of digital competition. Alongside this, the secondary goal was to grow the Fire Mitigation side of the business. Splintered Forest excels compared to local competition in offering commercial fire mitigation services, which have become more of a focus along the front range in Colorado due to increased forest fires. They historically experienced a lot of seasonality in their services, so a tertiary goal was to keep the crews busy in the winter months as well.


To get started, we concentrated our efforts toward improving existing Google Ads campaigns. We found that the ad spend was insufficient for the business goals and immediately focused on improving conversion value through digital ads. We established an average $46 cost per conversion throughout the year, which is highly profitable for the company with a 15:1 average Return On Ad Spend depending on the tree services requested.

Our next focus was on local SEO ranking. We worked on technical SEO and site load time improvements initially, as well as keyword research and targeting on key landing pages. We ultimately began a new website project to improve the User Experience and SEO potential with better content publishing opportunities. We also put efforts toward increasing customer reviews and local directory positioning, and we were able to achieve top 10 ranking for 10 high-value keywords for their services. This led to a 33% increase in organic traffic for the year.

Lastly, we implemented Programmatic Media buying for retargeting opportunities. This allows us to serve display advertising on websites and phone apps to people that already engaged with our Google Ads. This helped us achieve lower cost conversions and capture additional conversions from people that may have exited the site after engaging with one of our other ads.


Our efforts led to exceptional growth for the company in 2022. Increased lead volume made way for them to expand the business with additional crews and equipment. A steady flow of leads allowed the sales team to develop better practices for follow-ups and lead tracking while positioning the company to expand even further in 2023 with a higher lead volume. Additionally, our digital marketing systems now allow the business to fill gaps for various job types. We can direct our budget towards Fire Mitigation if they are in need of those project types or scale up Tree Removal lead volume as needed for the business.

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