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GBSM is a consulting firm that provides Management Consulting, Public Affairs, and Strategic or Crisis Communications for businesses of all types and sizes. GBSM provides processes and strategic advice towards firms in need of new or improved management systems.

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WordPress Design and Development

While GBSM may provide superior service to its clients, their branding and website were slightly out of date. To help reflect its modern and valuable business strategy, GBSM approached VEA with the goals of an easy-to-manage website that reflected their experience with a wide range of offerings. Building the site using WordPress as the content management system gave the GBSM administrators a simple tool to manage content and imagery on the website while providing a seamless front-end user experience.

Showcasing a Modern & Sleek Display

Professionalism was an important feature of GBSM’s mission, so it was important for the new website to reflect this in a creative and up-to-date way. The font type of the logo paved the way for type choices that hit home an inviting yet serious feel. Starting with the navy blue obtained from the GBSM logo, a color pattern was picked with different shades of blue to complement bold, white headings. The site is very simple to navigate, and the imagery supports the content and GBSM’s values.

VEA Technologies is always proud to work with local companies and is proud of GBSM’s new and improved online presence. VEA is confident the project achieved the primary goal of GBSM in modernizing its online presence while providing users with a seamless experience. As the website establishes itself online, VEA is confident in the partnership formed with GBSM and its success moving forward.

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“We have been thrilled with our results. Online sales have quadrupled and the VEA team has been great at communicating since we started working with them ”

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